Bahamas Island Hopping Yacht Charter

Island Hopping Fun in the Exumas

The best way to vacation in the Bahamas is by island hopping on a charter yacht. Island hopping is when you travel from one island to another. Typically when visiting an area of many small islands, island hopping is the best way to go because you can explore many islands in a short amount of time. During this Bahamas yacht charter, you will be visiting eight different islands in  the Exumas. You will get to experience all the main attractions the Bahamas has to offer, starting in beautiful Nassau.


Day 1 – Nassau to Harbour Island

Bahamas - Exumas yacht charter day 1

Start off your Exumas yacht charter in Nassau. Here you can experience the beautiful white sand beaches of Paradise Island, swim among the dolphins and sea lions, and embark on a variety of underwater adventures. Explore the famous Fish Hotel, the Lost Blue Hole, and the old shipwrecks. Get back on the boat and travel to the picture perfect island of pink sand beaches, Harbour Island. Here, you can grab a few cocktails at the Coral Sands Restaurant. Finish off the night with a relaxing drive around the island in a golf cart. Then, explore the city and watch the remarkable sun set on the warm beaches of this island.

Day 2 – Harbour Island to Eleuthera

bahams yacht charter exumas day 2

Wake up and enjoy a nice breakfast on your charter yacht. Continue back to Harbour Island where a full day of activities awaits you. Start off by experiencing the water at the Valentines Dive Center. Here you will experience the best diving in the Bahamas. From coral reefs and underwater blow holes, to wall and wreck dives, you will experience it all. Spend the rest of your time in Dunmore Town exploring the city, and then travel on to Eleuthera. Here you can pursue the healing powers of the Ocean Hole, explore Lighthouse Beach, and visit the Cow & The Bull.

Day 3 – Eleuthera to Warderick Wells Cay

Bahamas - Exumas yacht charter day 3

Jump into the day by visiting the Glass Window Bridge in Eleuthera. Here you can admire the beautiful contrast of colors from the Atlantic Ocean on one side, to the Caribbean Sea on the other. Continue on to explore the grottoes and hot tubs that Eleuthera has to offer. Go to the most unique diving places, Cobia Fish Cage, or explore the prestige reef around Jake’s Hole. Then, make your way over to the historical Preachers Cove, where the islands founders’ ship wrecked in 1648. Then it’s back on the yacht to travel to Warderick Wells Cay. Here, you can explore the amazing ecosystems and wildlife of Warderick Wells. From rocky bluffs, sand dunes, mangrove creeks, and sand flats, there is nothing that this island doesn’t have.

Day 4 – Warderick Wells Cay to Staniel Cay

Bahamas - Exumas yacht charter day 4

Wake up on the yacht and enjoy a nice hearty breakfast then continue on your journey of exploration at Warderick Wells Cay. Head over to Boo Boo Hill and enjoy the seven miles of trails this island has to offer. Make sure to visit the Pirates Lair, which is located on the southwest end of the island. Then head over to the Emerald Rock Mooring Field to soak in the sun and do some swimming. After that, you will get back on the yacht and sail to Staniel Cay. Here you can grab drinks at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club and finish off the night exploring the city by foot, bike, or golf cart.

Day 5 – Staniel Cay to Big Major

Bahamas Exumas yacht charter day 5

Wake up and get ready for a day full of adventure. Start your morning off with a paddle through the beautiful waters of Staniel Cay. Take a kayak or a paddle board to explore these stunning waters. Go snorkeling in the clear waters and see fish of every color, or go fishing through Harvey Cay for an experience you will never forget. Then, visit the Bahamian village and check out the island’s boat builders. Finish at the island by relaxing at the sandbar and then make your way over to Big Major’s Spot.

Day 6 – Big Major to Highbourne Cay

Bahamas Yacht Charter - Big Major Pigs

Start off the day with a nice breakfast and bring some scraps with you to Big Major. Here, you can visit the world famous swimming pigs and experience this one in a lifetime opportunity. Feed them some left over scraps and play in the waters with these loving animals. Enjoy this unique experience for the day and then travel to the next destination, Highbourne Cay. Go for a walk on the beautiful beaches and explore the island by foot. Enjoy drinks at Xuma’s Restaurant and Bar overlooking the water. Make your way over to the marina and enjoy watching the sunset as you wait for night to fall. Then, enjoy the amazing opportunity to star gaze in this beautiful island.

Day 7 – Highbourne Cay to Allen’s Cay

Bahams - Exumas yacht charter day 7

Enjoy a half day Island Tour excursion where you can visit the beaches, go snorkeling, fishing, hiking, and kayaking. Learn about the life on the island and meet other island guests. Relax and get some sun on these gorgeous beaches, or even go visit some of the neighboring cays. Make your way back to the yacht to travel to Allen’s Cay, world famous for their population of Rock Iguanas. The iguanas here love tourists and will actually wait on the beaches for people to come up and feed them. Explore the beaches and enjoy watching the sun set on the west side of the island.

Day 8 – Allen’s Cay to Nassau

Bahamas Exumas yacht charter day 8

Finish off the trip by feeding the iguanas and then heading to the beach for some sun and swimming. Then, journey back to Nassau where you will experience your last day of adventures. Here, you can choose from a variety of unique tours such as shark diving, exploring the city, horseback riding on the beaches, or experiencing the SUB-Bahamas. Finally, end your night at the Atlantis Casino, Aura, Sea Glass, or Bullion Bar.

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