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  • 365 Blissful Beaches
  • Rich Naval History
  • Laidback Vibe
  • Superb Dining & Shopping

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Antigua is such a picturesque Caribbean yachting destination. Indulge in its endless beaches that showcase powdery sands that stand in stark contrast to the deep blue sea. With lots of interesting natural wonders like coral reefs and numerous secret caves, it is not surprising that Antigua is considered as a winter escape by industry icons, such as Giorgio Armani and Richard Branson, who own homes in this island paradise.


Antigua has been a staple when it comes to yacht vacations, especially if you are after a stunning and relaxing experience, which is why it is almost always included in the must-visit lists presented in travel websites and magazines. It is also has a very nautical and laidback vibe, and you’ll see lots of yachts and boats around the area because it is one of the most authentic Caribbean yacht charter destinations. Aside from this fact, the twin-island nation exports boats and ships.

An Antigua yacht charter showcases some of the best scenes in the Caribbean, as you are welcomed by gentle breezes that feel like endless summer is coming your way. In fact, one of its most familiar nicknames is “365 Beaches” because there are so many beaches that surround the islands. Imagine visiting them on your own terms aboard your own yacht. You will surely get your beach fix with ease.


With its rich history, particularly in the island’s largest city and Antiguan capital of St. Johns, be mesmerized by some of the nicest architectural wonders. such as the Baroque-inspired St. John’s Cathedral. Aside from immersing yourself into visual delights, the city also offers a delightful fine dining and shopping destination and a rich experience that would allow you to enjoy the Antiguan hospitality. These are just some of the things you can do as part of the itinerary for your own charter vacation.


Antigua is such a fool-proof Caribbean yacht charter destination. It offers pristine places that you can have by yourself for a moment, and it has a great selection of activities to keep you entertained without feeling too isolated from the city. If you want the perfect yachting adventure, then Antigua is something that is definitely worth your consideration.


Tastefully adorned with pirate ruins and secret coves, the island of St. John is approximately three miles away from St. Thomas and is widely considered as the loveliest island in the Caribbean. The sandy beaches and tropical landscapes truly evoke serenity and relaxation. You can also have hiking and snorkeling options here, or simply let the time pass you by just enjoying the views.


The island of St. Croix offers a different beat from that of St. John and St. Thomas. It is the largest of the three major islands and is filled with vast sugar plantations, lush and refreshing rainforests, as well as rum distilleries. If you love to eat, then you are in for a treat as the two largest towns in the island – Frederiksted and Christiansted – are home to some of the finest cuisines in the region to satisfy your gastronomic cravings.


If you want something great to come out of your Caribbean yacht charter experience, the US Virgin Islands is here to impress even the pickiest guest. Because the islands are sitting close to each other, you can truly maximize you time and create your most memorable yacht charter moments, whether you are traveling alone or traipsing along with your family.


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