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  • The Glamorous Costa Smeralda Shores
  • Perfect Pairing of Italian/French Culture
  • Striking Mountainous Backdrops
  • Top-Rated Regattas

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While on a Mediterranean yacht charter, two spectacular islands to explore are Corsica and Sardinia, both are within close proximity to each other, separated in the middle by the Strait of Bonifacio. These islands are the stars of Southern Europe and are among the largest in the area. In fact, Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean region, whereas Sardinia ranks second after Sicily. Their detachment from mainland Europe endows them with the advantage of possessing a distinct appeal ranging from the cityscape to the geographical landscape.


Corsica is a mountain in the sea, thus claiming its right as the most mountainous Mediterranean island. Monte Cinto, towering at 2,706 meters and the island’s highest point, is just one inspiring sight to admire while enjoying your Mediterranean yacht charter in the breathtaking region. Aside from its mountainous areas, Corsica is home to more than two hundred beaches and to an approximately one thousand kilometer-long coastline. No wonder the island has been one of the premier destinations in which to charter or rent a yacht or boat. If you are the type of person who would like to have something isolated enough for you to have your own intimate moment by the calm seas with comforting breezes right at the comfort of your own yacht, then this is a very good place that is worthy of your consideration.


Those on a Corsica yacht charter, will not want to miss the commune of Bonifacio, which is located in the southern part of the island. Bonifacio is considered as the best major harbor in the southern coast, thus serving as a perfect starting point for your yachting activities and charters. All in all, you can think of Corsica as your French private yacht charter vacation space away from the more popular spots. After all, it is the little luxuries and serenity that we are all looking for.


On the other hand, Sardinia takes care of your craving for an Italian experience by the sea. Home to eight provinces, this large Italian island is located south of Corsica. Sardinia has plenty of harbors that let you explore the sea and bask in the moment by yourself or with family and friends. The rich island culture that combines varying European influences will truly enrich your experience. Sardinia is the preferred location for numerous watersports events, including international regattas, and it is home to a large number of yacht clubs, so if this is something that you are passionate about, you will definitely feel at home during your stay.


A yacht charter in Corsica and Sardinia can be something dreamy and romantic. These islands are not just large in terms of area, they are also large in terms of offerings, culture, and places to truly excite your senses wherever you go and whatever kind of respite you are planning to have.


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