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  • Dramatic Coastlines
  • Tranquil Beaches
  • Eco Hotspots
  • Excellent for Watersports & Snorkeling
  • Countless Opportunities for Rugged Adventures

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South America is an extremely diverse continent, containing highlands and lowlands.  You can find the Andes in the west and the Amazon in the east.  An array of foods and vibrant cities call to people from all over the world, wishing to experience the culture that South America has to offer.  Take in a football match, tour Machu Picchu, celebrate Carnival in Rio de Janeiro or samba the night away.  A South America yacht charter has something to offer every traveler, and Cameron Alexander Yachts will help you plan the trip of a lifetime.


With a coastline of 4,655 miles, Brazil is a must see destination for your charter experience.  Tour the Amazon river basin and explore the lush rainforest or head to one of the many beaches and lounge on a bed of white sand.  Spend some time in Rio de Janeiro, where you can summit Sugarloaf mountain via cable car or head to Corcovado mountain and view the Christ the Redeemer statue, famous around the world.  There is so much to see and do in this lively city!  Enjoy empanadas at a café followed by brigadeiros, a delicious ball of chocolate fudge covered in sprinkles.  Rich in culture and history, Brazil is a country not to be missed!


The Galapagos Islands are situated in the Pacific Ocean, about 600 miles to the west of Ecuador.  Comprised of 19 islands and a surrounding marine reserve, this area has been referred to as a “living museum and showcase of evolution” and is a UNESCO world heritage site.  The islands are located at the confluence of three ocean currents and as a result are a veritable melting pot of marine species.  The land iguana, giant tortoise and many types of finch are found in the Galapagos.  Charles Darwin visited the islands in 1835 and they inspired his theory for evolution.  This is a place where you can fully relax while taking in breathtaking sights and unique wildlife.  Tour the islands and immerse yourself in the history and stunning beauty found here.

Travel to South America via charter yacht for an experience like no other.  Buzzing with energy and passion, the countries comprising this continent have so much to offer.  Chartering gives you the chance to explore these places in an entirely new way.  Immerse yourself in the culture and history of this great continent while having an amazing vacation in paradise.


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