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  • Dramatic Volcanic Backdrops
  • Untouched Beaches
  • Pristine Blue Lagoons
  • Glorious Coral Atolls

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French Polynesia is considered a quintessential tropical paradise. Known for its absolutely captivating islands that exude unspoiled beauty, it has been one of the favorite destinations of  yacht charterers who truly want to escape from it all.


A French Polynesia yacht charter vacation is an idyllic choice for luxury travelers because it opens the door to the top tropical destinations in the world, which includes Bora Bora and Tahiti. These destinations have graced almost every summer vacation or yachting magazine and journal. Its pristine waters, palm-fringed beaches, and genuinely tropical weather and vibe complete a fantastic package that awaits its guests.


Engage in the natural wonders that the French Polynesia has to offer, which include the whimsical lagoons that present a new world to explore, as well as the endless coastlines for intimate and laidback walks by the beach as the summer air blows gently with the Pacific waves. With five major island groups, which include the Marquesas, Australs, Tuamotus, Society Islands, and Gambier Archipelago, you are guaranteed not to have a lackluster or crowded moment, which is why adventurous guests prefer these islands over any other destination in the world because it seems that there is enough space for everybody. After all, your escape should be untainted and undisturbed for a soothing and ultra-relaxing experience. Go on a carefree island-hopping tour, or just watch the sun set onboard your chartered yacht. Have a dip into the calm ocean waters, or dive deeper and explore the rich and vibrant marine life. Have a casual snorkeling adventure on the refreshing blue waters just near the island beachfronts. Mingle with the warm and hospitable locals, or have a short hike in the lush tropical forests.


A French Polynesia yacht charter, which can be separated further into a Tahiti or a Bora Bora yacht charter, aims to exceed expectations. If you are in the epitome of a tropical paradise, the expectations are definitely high, but rest assured that this truly gorgeous chain of Pacific jewels will never fail to impress.


If you’ve been itching for an authentic summer adventure, why not go full throttle and visit the epitome of tropical experience that is French Polynesia for a truly memorable and ultra-relaxing yachting vacation.


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