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  • Glamorous Shores
  • Secluded Bays
  • Charming Old Quarter
  • Legendary Nightlife

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Glitzy nightclubs, billionaire yachts, the hottest DJs of Europe and party-loving people often tend to grab the headlines, but you simply need to look beyond the Ibiza’s glamorous lifestyle to realize that this island really has a soul! Ibiza’s coastline makes it the envy of most islands in the Mediterranean and those shimmering beaches are as picture-perfect as they could be. Not to mention some of the most stylish bars and the beautiful history. And for those that want some seclusion during their Ibiza yacht charter, there also dozens of tiny private coves worth exploring.


Finding things to do is not a problem in Ibiza, irrespective of the time of the day or night. Thinking about what to do and what to leave out is sure to be your biggest headache. True to its party girl image, Ibiza presents a spectacular collection of bars, pubs and nightclubs which host the best DJs in Europe. Think Luciano, Guetta, and the likes. It would be a sin to leave out those nightclubs from your itinerary, no matter how cool your Mallorca yacht charter party turns out to be! And it’s not just about those nightclubs. No one beats Ibiza when it comes to beach parties either. In fact, sunset chilling is actually a way of life here.


Beach parties, sexy nightclubs, sun-kissed shores – these rank among the main attractions of Ibiza – but there’s something even more beautiful hidden behind those party lights, still managing to avoid the camera lens. Idyllic towns, remote coves, UNESCO World Heritage sites, all find a place here. The island is a dream to walk in and the clear swimmable seas always make an Ibiza yacht charter even more exciting.


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