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  • Authentic  Old European Charm
  • Stunning Sheltered Bays
  • Dramatic Rocky Backdrops
  • Striking Architectural Landmarks

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The tiny country of Malta, which comprises the three island clusters of Gozo, Comino, and Malta, is located in an interesting location just below Italy and above the African continent. This geographical location allowed for a distinct fusion of culture and influences that blossomed into a unique combination of Eastern and Western hints.


A Malta yacht charter is enticing for luxury travelers as they can completely immerse themselves in the rich Maltese culture and history, while taking delight in the natural wonders like rugged coves and secluded bays. For such a small country, it will never give you a dull moment on your adventure. Thanks to its geographical structure, a Malta yacht charter is relatively accessible and blissfully relaxing to have because you don’t need to travel far to reach another interesting destination. It is like a neatly compressed banquet of sights, sounds, and food all rolled up into one exquisitely packaged destination.


A Maltese yachting holiday can focus on the exploration of prehistoric ruins if you’re the type of guest who loves to be immersed in the destination’s history. The Maltese capital of Valleta is often considered as one of the most picture-perfect cities and is the home to some of the most endearing harbours in the entire world, which is not surprising because boats and yachts are the primary means of transportation in the country. This is also the key point if you will be starting your Mediterranean yacht charter in Malta.


Other than that, you can also have a smooth-sailing and carefree yachting adventures by simply passing by the shorelines that look like paintings in a posh art gallery. Malta is known for its sandy beaches with a warm and pleasant Mediterranean climate that is sought after by travelers all over the world. Yachting guests who love a peaceful and tranquil place should visit the island of Gozo, where time seems to be significantly slower because of how laid-back and traditional life that exists here. You should also try the genuine Maltese cuisine, which is infused by Sicilian and English cultural influences, to cap off your overall experience.


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