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  • Cobalt Blue Waters
  • Picturesque Whitewashed Villages
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Authentic Greek Culture

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Whenever a vacation idea steers toward a Greece yacht charter vacation, Mykonos will never be missed in the discussion. It is one of the most popular Greek destinations for all the good reasons. It is such an awe-inspiring destination, such that it has been heavily favored by guests coming from around the globe. Whitewashed structures, gentle breezes, and the serene Mediterranean climate make Mykonos one of the must-visit places in Greece. With guaranteed sunny days for up to three hundred glorious calendar days, Mykonos is a strong contender among the most ideal yachting holiday destinations in Greece and all over the world.


Any Greek or Mykonos yacht charter will always be fun-filled and relaxing to the senses. Mykonos has a very long history, stretching way back to 3000 BC, but the modern verifiable era started in the 11th century. Charmingly labeled as “the island of the winds,” Mykonos focuses on welcoming visitors and is really very good in this aspect. Guests should not miss the iconic five hilltop windmills that adorn the skyline. The fascinating fishing boats and enchanting destinations that Mykonos shares with its visitors are truly remarkable. A gastronomic adventure will also not disappoint because of the infusion of classic Greek cuisine with local ensembles. You should never miss the town of Chora, which gives a very nice panorama of what the typical life in Mykonos is like.


A yacht holiday in Mykonos will not be complete without experiencing the cultural events that happen in the area. Most returning guests prefer to have a relaxing respite in Mykonos while immersing themselves in the rich culture, panoramic scenes that are truly mesmerizing, and countless dining options to choose from. It is not a place that is bursting with flavor and color but gives its guests a rushed feeling; instead, this yachting destination allows its visitors to have a sweet surrender to the offerings of this absolutely stunning destination.


Mykonos is a destination that is beyond beautiful. It presents itself as a worthy choice for the top plum in a massive sea of amazing yachting holiday destinations. With a lot of things and interesting destinations and activities it can offer without being too overwhelming, a Mykonos yacht charter truly delivers and aims to exceed your expectations.


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