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The New England region is composed of six states that are bustling with awe-inspiring scenery, historical sites, and serene fishing villages and great coastlines. The New England Region can be the epitome of the term “nautical respite” if you are considering a New England yacht charter. Given that New England features natural and modified bays and marinas, you can easily rent a yacht or charter a boat here.


There are so many things that can be explored in New England. For starters, Rhode Island is home to the yachting capital of the world – Newport. Its geographical structure includes bays and magnificent coves, further enhancing the history that surrounds it and the culture that will draw you much closer to this fascinating region. Also, Newport holds an annual Jazz festival, where music lovers gather and participate in special festivities. Luxuriate in the evenings filled with music, good food, and definitely good company – all of which are packaged within New England hospitality.


Other yachting destinations include Martha’s Vineyard, Elizabeth Island, Nantucket, and Buzzard’s Bay – all in Massachusetts. You can also pass through the harbors of the world-famous Gloucester, which has been one of the key boating destinations in the region for commercial and casual fishing.


The neighboring states of New Hampshire and Vermont take care of the laid back part of New England. Showcasing inland lakes, a serene seaside, and truly great outdoor sceneries, especially during autumn, this location boasts of the dense forestry that surrounds the endearing towns, thus completely incorporating civilization and nature into one for a truly picturesque canvas.
The state of Maine offers some postcard-ready scenes featuring the iconic striped lighthouses that stand in stark contrast to the mountainous background. If you love seafood, then prepare to have a gastronomic indulgence when you visit Maine – From fresh lobsters to hearty seafood chowders and other dishes freshly caught from the sea’s bounty, to be concluded with a nice helping of a mouthwatering blueberry pie. The bistros here offer lots of homemade goodies that will excite your palate in more ways than one. Once you’re done trying the seafood delights, have a detour to the wineries in Connecticut for a relaxing afternoon that is carefree and pleasing to the senses.


How New England presents itself to visitors who wish to explore and have a relaxed yachting holiday is truly remarkable. Visitors who love soaring through the open seas will easily feel at home because New England has got yachting written all over it. While it is a very tiny region to scale, it is heavily packed with interesting sights, culture, gastronomy, and festive sounds, all of which make it a great place to visit. New England offers a holistic experience and covers everything to keep you entertained and mesmerized.


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