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  • Mediterranean Chic Vibe
  • Breathtaking Vistas
  • Beautiful Turquoise Lagoons
  • Exclusive Beach Clubs & Party Scene

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You’d often expect to feel like a celebrity on a St. Barts yacht charter, considering just how much hype this place receives and how special its visitors are made to feel every single time. Attracting the most elite of the elite visitors entering the Caribbean, St. Barts is the ultimate Caribbean yacht charter destination.  Known as the St. Tropez of the Caribbean, its incredible beaches, breathtaking greenery, mountain scenery and dreamy locales often leave you awe-struck, drunk in its beauty, spoilt by its charm.


St Bart’s Bucket is undeniably one of the greatest yachting events that the island has to offer. The regatta’s incredible location coupled with its relaxed atmosphere lets you take your St. Barths yacht charter on a spin as you compete against other guests and owners for pride, glory and more. And even if you happen to miss the event, the island has plenty to keep you entertained. Snorkeling, kitesurfing, diving and sailing aside, St Barts also offers some of the best cafes, bars, restaurants and designer boutiques in the Caribbean. Just visit Gustavia Port or indulge in a meal at Le Ti or Bagatelle to rediscover your love for shopping and eating.

As a prime attraction for the rich and the famous, St. Barts spoils you with its idyllic atmosphere, ultra-luxurious diversions, incredible scenes and endless activities. It also lets you live the good life without taking you away from all things Caribbean – the sun, the sand and a laid-back vibe. A 15-minute walk gives you access to one of the most exclusive beaches on the island, the Anse du Grand Colombier. Or you could simply take your St. Barts yacht charter for a quiet anchorage. The stunning white-sand curve is the perfect spot to spend your day and the shimmery water has a lagoon-like imagery, leaving you dazzled by its beauty.  For an afternoon of fun, take a DiCaprio-esque trip to Nikki Beach, the perfect place to set up camp and indulge in one of the most glamorous lunches of your life.   When you are here, keep an open mind and relish in the fact that a St. Barths yacht charter is possibly the best way of exploring this tiny piece of heaven in the midst of the Caribbean.


The cuisine of the Balearic Islands can be considered as an amalgamation of greater Spanish, Catalan, and Mediterranean cuisines. Sink your teeth into a wide array of wines, cheeses, pork dishes, pastries, and of course, seafood. There is also the favorite sobrassada, which is a local sausage made of pork. The abundance of fresh and mouthwatering seafood has been enticing a lot of travelers, including Kings and other members of the royalty, since way back. It is also believed that mayonnaise originated from Maó located in the island of Menorca. This city also produces its own cheese. If you would like to try the local pastry scene, there’s Coca, Flaó, and Ensaimada. It is very easy to spend some great times in the Balearic Islands, especially if you are an adventurous type who craves for either a sea adventure or a gastronomic excursion.


The island of Ibiza has been a favored party place for the young and young at heart. Ibiza is often considered as the epitome of a “Party Island” where you can unleash the party animal in you – in style, of course. Aside from partying, enjoy the colonial and ancient structures around the island that reflect a Greek, Italian, and North African heritage and are still worth visiting to this day. These truly photogenic places can be a very nice subject for your photo collection, which you can browse while spending the summer afternoon in your own private charter yacht.


The Balearic Islands may be small, but the potential to experience something fantastic is massive. Refreshing Mediterranean waves, endless summers, great scenes, and fantastic food are just some of the reasons to go and stay. Why not start planning your next Balearic Islands yacht charter now? Let these islands be your escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine.


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