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  • Exotic Allure
  • Breathtaking Beaches
  • Beautiful Blue Lagoons
  • Polynesian Culture

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As the largest of the 118 islands which come together to form the French Polynesia archipelago in the South Pacific, Tahiti never fails to excite. You often think of beautiful beaches, picture-perfect vistas, exotic surroundings, magical scenes and balmy weather when you’re booking a Tahiti yacht charter, but the island always ends up being so much more. The island is known for its nautical activities, but it also manages to pack a punch in terms of its local sightseeing and shopping. After all, anything would have to be special to force you to break free from that seaside scenery.


‘La ora na. Life is simple here. Sun-kissed slopes host lush forests that reveal 1000-foot waterfalls. High-rise mountains disappear into the clouds only to reveal stunning canyons that drop down to the face of the earth. Enjoy the starry skies from your Tahiti yacht charter. Hold that stardust-like sand in your hands. Share an afternoon meal with some of the friendliest people on the planet. You’re sure to rediscover your glow of love! Bronzed-skin dancers and their grassy skirts may have been overhyped, but Tahiti is a true heaven on earth. This is perhaps the only place in the world that lets you dream with your eyes open.


The biggest charms of Tahiti are its black, pink and white sand beaches. But the real beauty can always be seen in those lagoons. Most islands found here are surrounded by coral reefs which come together to create the perfect swimming pools, places that are full of some of the most majestic sea creatures you’ll ever see. Sharks, dolphins, turtles, fish, coral atolls and rays, all find a place here. These magical oases can easily be accessed by your Tahiti yacht charter and are perfect for snorkeling and diving, two activities that let you see the real beauty of Tahiti.


Sure Dubai made a name for itself with its superlatives, but a trip to Tahiti is all you need to truly understand the meaning of the word. The best black sand beaches, the top honeymoon destination, the most romantic place to propose, the cleanest and most pollution-free air, it’s hard to beat nature in her own backyard.


The best way to explore Tahiti and her sister islands is to book your own Tahiti yacht charter. The waterways are as good a cruising ground as you’ll ever see, and getting so close to every lagoon and dive spot is sure to be a breath-taking experience.


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