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World’s Top Yacht Charter Destinations for Wreck Dives

Wreck dives have become such a popular activity for people all over the world. If you haven’t heard of wreck diving before, basically it’s diving to see shipwrecks under the water. The special thing about wreck diving is that its something that you don’t usually see while your diving. You can mainly go anywhere and see fish and coral, but to be able to see a sunken ship is an experience of its own. All of the wrecks are different and have their very own stories to tell. There are so many amazing wreck dives to explore under the deep blue sea and we have the best of them to experience on your next yacht charter vacation right here

Explore the Bianca C on a Grenada Yacht Charter

yacht charter wreck dive Grenada

Granada is a very popular place to charter yachts and an even more popular place to go diving. While in Grenada, you must dive down to see the sunken ship known as Bianca C. This shipwreck was listed as one of the top ten worldwide wreck sites. The 180-meter ship sank in 1961 and is located in 50 meters of water. You have to be a very advanced diver to be able to see this wreck but if you can see it, you won’t regret it. While diving down to the wreck you can see sea life such as nurse sharks, barracuda, eagle rays, and large moray eels.

Explore the Ray of Hope on a Bahamas Yacht Charter

The newest Bahamas wreck, The Ray Of Hope, is not like the others. The popular wreck dive in the Bahamas, known as the Bahama Mama, has been deteriorating and they needed to release a new ship to replace the dive area. Ray of Hope is a 200-foot ship that they sank to act as an artificial reef. It is located 60 feet under the water and located directly behind Bahama Mama. What’s really cool about this wreck dive is that the ship is fully intact, so Bahamas yacht charter guests can go inside the ship, the cabins and the gangways and explore the ship in its entirety during their diving excursion.

Explore the USAT Liberty on a Bali Yacht Charter

yacht charter wreck dives - Bali

The USAT Liberty is one of the best shipwrecks to visit, especially for snorkelers. This ship served during WWI and was torpedoed by a Japanese Submarine in 1942. As a result, the ship landed on the island of Bali, one of the most heavenly Indonesia yacht charter destinations, and has become one of the most popular wreck dives around. The ship’s maximum depth is 100 feet, but the shallowest area is 13 feet, which is easy access for people who are not certified divers. This ship is an amazing site to see, at 394 feet you will have a lot to look at. The ship is covered in sea life including corals, anemones, and fish. While it is great for inexperienced divers, it is also an amazing site to see for advanced divers. The USAT Liberty is one wreck dive you definitely want to check out while you are in chartering a yacht in Bali.

Explore Hilma Hooker on a Bonaire Yacht Charter

yacht charter wreck dives - Bonaire
The wreck of the Hilma Hooker is a very popular legend. Many have suspicious theories about the boat, but in history books, the Hilma Hooker was known as a drug smuggling boat. Apparently, when the boat was found, 25,000 lbs. of marijuana was also found inside the boat. After the finding, authorities wanted the ship to sink so that they could use it at a dive site. Unfortunately, they weren’t allowed to sink it because it was evidence for the Attorney General. Eventually, the boat sat at the anchorage for so long that it ended up sinking itself. It is now a very popular wreck dive for people to visit. It is located in 95 feet of water and the ship is 72 meters long.

Explore Antilla During a Yacht Charter in Aruba

The Antilla is the largest shipwreck dive to experience when chartering a yacht in the Caribbean. It is covered in tube sponges, coral, fish, shrimp, lobsters and anemones. The ship is about 400 feet long and is still mainly in act. You can actually go inside the boat to explore the different sections of the interior. The ship was built in 1939 and wrecked in 1940 in Aruba. It is located about 60 feet under the water and you can see it at about 30 feet of water. While diving to this wreck, you will encounter all sorts of sea life. Some of the most popular include yellowtail, angelfish, coral, and four eyed butterfly fish.

Explore the WWII Bristol Blenheim bomber on a Malta yacht charter

yacht charter wreck dives - Malta
Dive enthusiasts enjoying a yacht charter in Malta are in store for a rare treat – the wreck of the WWII Bristol Blenheim bomber. Seeing this wreck is a very exciting dive and very unique compared to the others. While most are shipwrecks, this one is actually aircraft wreckage. It is 42 meters underwater and not marked on any chart. It is a very hard wreck to find but well worth it when it is found. As soon as you start diving down, you are able to see the aircraft. Most of the aircraft is intact and you are able to explore the pilot’s area. You can also fully see the wings and the engine of the aircraft.

Explore the King Cruiser on a Thailand Yacht Charter

yacht charter wreck dives Thailand
The King Cruiser has a very interesting story. When the ship sunk in 1997, it sunk with over 100 passengers onboard, but luckily, all of them survived. This wreck is 85 meters long and 35 meters wide. It lies about 32 meters under the water but the average depth is about 20 meters. Unfortunately the condition of the wreck is very poor so they do not suggest going inside the ship as it can put your life in danger. The outside of the ship is enough to look at though. While diving this wreck, you will be in awe at the variety of fish you will see. You can see crabs, eels, groupers, snappers, barracuda, and more. It’s also a great dive site for underwater photography

Explore the RMS Rhone on a BVI Yacht Charter

The RMS Rhone was voted the number one wreck in the Caribbean by sport diver and scuba diving magazines and it often ranks as one of the highlights during BVI yacht charters. This has been a popular dive since 1975, and the artifacts that were deposited in 1867 are still visible today. In order to experience this wreck, you must complete two dives. The first dive is 75 feet at the bow section. The second is 70 feet in the mid section. On the bow section you will see a lot of animals, and lots of turtles, so keep your cameras on! The midsection will be the most interesting area. Here you will encounter a giant green moray and several octopuses that live here. You will also see a variety of artifacts that have been on the wreck for over 143 years. This is one wreck you do not want to miss while chartering a yacht in the BVIs.

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